Writing Services

We apply an emotionally intelligent lens to our writing and speaker coaching, which not only builds trust, it also allows for a more efficient creative adventure — from idea to presentation. Whether its for the stage or publication, we write with you, ensuring your reputation and business strategy are always top-of-mind, ultimately helping you realize your goals through powerful expression.

The range of your needs are as broad as our choice of words. We move seamlessly along the spectrum of tone, from the gravity of crisis management to the levity of a corporate skit or roast.



Executive communications and positioning

Organizational messaging and brand narrative


Editorial journalism

Advocacy materials & leave behinds

Strategic storytelling

Event & conference scripts

Internal communications (newsletters, emails)

Content editing & copyediting

Annual Reports

Web copy

Humor & toasts


Arlington, VA

Austin, TX

Wherever you are.




Meghan E. Butler is a co-founder and partner at Frame+Function, a strategic communications and branding consultancy, and a founder of Curry+Butler: Writing to Influence. She maintains clear lines between her editorial writing and her consulting. She does not write under her own name about individuals or organizations who have compensated her for consulting, writing, or EQ coaching services.