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Speaker coaching has very little to do with “What do I do with my hands?” (though that still matters!) and more to do with “How do I become my best self and share my best message to influence others?”

Finding your most influential voice is challenging and deeply personal work requiring a massive amount of trust and vulnerability to optimize the investment, from both sides. And every one of our clients astounds us with their emotional depth – a gift that means more to us than the paycheck.

Meghan E. Butler is a TED-trained speaker coach. She is also a published authority on emotional intelligence development, much of which weaves its way into her speaker coaching. Speaker coaching is not only about your presence on stage, but how you influence your team and stakeholders. By creating a safe and trusted space, Meghan helps you more easily find your voice and your rhythm, both of which contribute to your efficacy as a leader.


Speaker coaching

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What to Expect

We invite you to take advantage of our deep experience in both speechwriting and public speaking.

Our approach to speaker coaching is far from textbook. We take a holistic assessment of how you exist in your world by exploring your natural state of being, your role within your organization and goal’s for elevating your profile, your speaking experience and anxieties, and how to use the latter in your favor – or simply work around them. 

We’ll discuss best practices and exemplary moments on stage and on screen. We’ll also find some not-so-great moments as a point of comparison. We’ll work with you on productively channeling your energy, and modifying your physicality and voice for a more impactful presentation. 


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Meghan E. Butler is a co-founder and partner at Frame+Function, a strategic communications and branding consultancy, and a founder of Curry+Butler: Writing to Influence. She maintains clear lines between her editorial writing and her consulting. She does not write under her own name about individuals or organizations who have compensated her for consulting, writing, or EQ coaching services.