Curry+Butler is a strategic writing collaborative by Doug Curry and Meghan E. Butler. There will always be important stories to tell and new audiences to reach. However, our careers have made clear that the writing process is as important as the words we choose. (In fact, the latter is often the easy part!) To that essential end, our emotionally intelligent approach to collaboration guides everything we do — both behind-the-scenes and with the clients we serve.

The focus of our writing includes, but is not limited to, executive communications and thought leadership, advocacy, and brand positioning. Through speechwriting, speaker coaching, and storytelling, and other products such as op-eds, organizational messaging and brand narratives, we work closely with you to capture your message and ultimately inspire belief by your audience. We similarly apply our years of experience to critical business services like content editing and copyediting.

What We Do

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Meghan E. Butler is a co-founder and partner at Frame+Function, a strategic communications and branding consultancy, and a founder of Curry+Butler: Writing to Influence. She maintains clear lines between her editorial writing and her consulting. She does not write under her own name about individuals or organizations who have compensated her for consulting, writing, or EQ coaching services.